The A-Z of Ruby Captures | A-Z Tag

I wasn’t tagged by anyone to do this tag but I felt Like doing it. It might also help you get to know me more.

A for awkward – I am the most awkward person ever when I first meet someone or if I get put into a situation I’m not comfortable in. Although, when you get to know me I get past that.

B for books – I love a good book, I own quite a few as well.

C for concert – I’ve never actually been to an actual concert before, I saw high five when I was really young & I’ve also been to a festival a couple times so I guess that counts? D for Dance. E for English
F for friendship – My friends & the bonds I have with my friends means a lot to me, they are a big part of me. G for Gilmore girls – Gilmore girls is probably my all time favourite Netflix show & I finished it so quickly & I miss it a lot.
H for harry styles? – I love harry, he was always my favourite in one direction & I love his self titled album too.
I for internet
J for … – I had nbo idea what to put for J to be honest.
K for kind
I for imagine dragons – I love imagine dragons.
M for makeup revolution – Its now just called Revolution but they are my favourite makeup brand & like 76% of my makeup is from there.
N for New York – I’ve always wanted to visit new York, its my actual dream.
O for ocean – I don’t think I’ve ever been in the ocean, unless I did when I was younger but I can’t actually remember.
P for photography
Q for question – I ask a lot a lot of questions, I’m just a curious person.
R for ruby – Well, ruby is my name of course.
S for Scotland – which is where I’m from 🙂
T for travelling – although I’m unable to do it as much as I’d love to, I still love doing it when I get the chance.
U for unhealthy – I’m not the mist healthy person if I’m honest although I do try.
V for Virgo – I was born on august 25th which means I’m a Virgo, are you a fellow Virgo?
W for writing – Writing is something I’ve always loved doing, I used to want to become a author but that’s just not for me anymore. I still love to write, I do it on here 🙂
X for xylophone – Some of these letters are really hard to think of words for okay, but xylophones are cool.
Y for yellow – Yellow isn’t my favourite colour but I still love it, its such a happy colour & just represents everything good & happiness.
Z for zzz – Z is a hard one but I meant everyone loves sleep so this is pretty relevant, right?

Thank you for reading, I tag Alex and anyone else who would like to do it to do it.

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Why YouTube wasn’t for me … | Rambles

Back in may 2014/15 I started a YouTube channel. This was wah back when the “British squad” Zoe etc were like really really big. I had first started a Instagram account called “Floral ruby” I didn’t even like floral & pastel that much but that was the thing at the time because of Anastasia, lilly & quisha. So from that Instagram account I progressed into starting a YouTube channel.

When I done YouTube I met these amazing people online, we were all really close & spoke all the time. As well as this group of internet friends I also had other online friends. Then people started quitting YouTube & Instagram, they came online less etc & then I basically grew apart from most of them.

This is one of the reasons why I did quit, plus I just wasn’t that into making videos anymore. It was no longer “me”. I quit YouTube in late 2016/17. Then in 2017 I decided to begin blogging, I first started on weebly but soon enough came to WordPress.

I’m going to be honest, there’s not been a time where I’ve missed doing YouTube. There’s of course been times where I’ve missed my internet friends & I still do. But I’m glad I converted to blogging because its so much more me. I’ve always loved writing & I love being able to share my thoughts.

Thank you for reading if you did, I apologise for it being so rambly & probably quite boring but I just felt like doing this post. Do any of you remember old school YouTube with all the floral channels?

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35 Autumn blog post ideas | Stuck on ideas?

I can’t believe how fast summer went, but now Its finally autumn although I do miss summer. So to try inspire some Autumnal content I thought I would suggest 35 + Autumnal blog post ideas!

1. Your goals for the upcoming autumn months.

2. What you love about autumn.

3. Autumn wish list.

4. Favourite things to do in autumn.

5. Autumn photography.

6. Your go to Autumnal makeup look.

7. Go to autumn style.

8. Autumn bucket list.

9. Favourite places to visit.

10. books you want to complete in autumn.

11. Autumn look book.

12. reasons why you love autumn.

13. Autumn beauty essentials

14. Autumn blog post ideas ( lol )

15. what’s new in – insert store name – autumn edition

16. Autumn haul ( books, clothes or beauty )

17. Fashion you’re loving this season.

18. Favourite memories you’ve had during autumn.

19. Day in your life – autumn edition –

20. Current play list

21. Seasonal recipes

22. Sumner to autumn transition

23. Go to autumn style

24. Summer recap

25. Any back to school posts

26. Favourite Halloween & scary movies.

27. Diy Halloween decorations.

28. Halloween costume ideas.

29. Easy Halloween make up ideas.

30. Halloween baking

31. How to ; the perfect bonfire night party.

32. Bonfire night short story.

33. 10 things you want to achieve by the end of the year.

34. End of year tbr

35. Cosy night in

Thank you for reading 🙂

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What are scent stiks? | Scent stiks review

Scent republik is a cruelty free brand that sells six different scents of “scent stiks” which are essentially perfume stiks. They have a pen style nib & you can draw on you’re wrists to use the product. Each one contains 3.5ml and they are very travel friendly as they are small tubes and can easily fit into pockets & handbags. Each different scent has a different colour packaging & are super cute.

These would be amazing stocking stuffer for younger siblings, younger family members or friends. Its such a fun product and anybody can use it. They are sold in super drug stores & can also be found in “The perfume shop” they retail at £4:95 each.

I have the scents “No chill” and “Fab”.

•No chill smells like “Marine aqua, apple blossom and sweat citrus”.

•Fab smells like ” Sweet vanilla, mandarin and rich praline “.

You can also layer up the fragrances so draw a couple different ones on you’re skin.

Thank you for reading, you can find scent Republik on Instagram herehere. Also if you click herehere it will take you to their website.

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Why I didn’t take photography at school…

At my school you’re able to take photography at higher, last year many of my friends took photography, but I didn’t. I love love love photography, as most of you all know. But the school course just wasn’t for me.

I might be wrong in what I’m saying but as far as I know, you basically have six or eight shoots ( eg. Street, food,landscape,animals,light, colour etc… ) So its basically six or eight different topics in which you take pictures for & then you get some of the photos printed out, stick them into a photography book & write about each photo. You say the different techniques you used to capture each picture and so on.

Last year, there was no written exam for photography you’re photography book was just sent away and that what was what determined you’re exam result. Apparently they judged you on whether you’re pictures were glued in right, how you stuck them down etc etc.

Although I love photography, I didn’t want to take it. This is because I knew it would suck all the fun out of it, I love it as a hobby & if I was to do it then I don’t think I’d ever enjoy as much. It would start to feel like a chore & I would lose interest.

I didn’t want to get graded on something I find enjoyable, be compared to other people. Feel like I wasn’t as good as others, feel like I wasn’t good enough.

So that’s it, I’m sorry if I just utterly bored you all to sleep. I just felt like posting about this, it may even help any of you make a choice if you’re indecisive. Thankyou for reading if you got to the end, somehow.

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33 Books | Recommended reads

Back in July I tweeted out asking what everyone’s favourite books are. So I constructed a list of all the books everybody recommended, obviously everybody has different taste in books but if somebody loves these books maybe you will too.

1. Fangirl – Rainbow Rowell

2. Leah on the off beat – Becky Albertally

3. Perks of being a wallflower – Stephan Chbosky

4. I’ll give you the sun – Jandy Nelson

5. The lovely bones – Alice Sebold

6. Billy and me – Giovanna Fletcher

7. My life next year – Huntley Fitzpatrick

8. All the bright places – Jennifer Niven

9. The lunar chronicles – Marisa Meyer

10. Slammed – Colleen hoover

11. To kill a mocking bird – Harper Lee

12. The book thief – Marcus Zusak

13. Girl on a train – Paula Hawkins

14. The poison wood bible – Barbra King solver

15. The girl before – JP Delaney

16. More than this – Patrick ness

17. Percy Jackson series – Rick Riordan

18. Heroes of Olympus series – Rick Riordan

19. Carry on – Rainbow Rowell

20. Alex Rider series – Anthony Horowitz

21. Autoboyography – Christina Lauren

22. Simon vs the homo sapions agenda – Becky Albertali

23. Looking for Alaska – John Green

24. The art of being normal – Lisa Williams

25. Big little lies – Liane Moriarty

26. Signs of attraction – laura brown

27. Exo – Fanda Lee

28. Jade city – Fanda Lee

29. Pride and prejudice – Jane Austen

30. Ready player one – Ernest Cline

31. The island – Victoria Hislop

32. The fault in our stars – John green

33. Beautiful broken things – Sara Barnard

Thank you for reading, leave a comment below with some of you’re favourite books / books which you recommend.

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Summer photography faves | Photography focus

As most of you all know, i love taking pictures. I love photography, so of course throughout summer i took many many photos, a lot of which you have seen. However, i thought i would compile a few of my favourites and show you which ones i am most proud of. Let me know what you think and also comment down below you’re favourite destination for the perfect picture.

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