Skin treats unicorn peel-off face mask | First impressions

While I was looking about in b&m the other week not really looking for anything specially, I came across this “unicorn” peel-off face mask. I instantly bought it because I haven’t used a peel off mask in a while plus as it isn’t from a major brand I wondered if it would actually work.

Firstly, I love the packaging. It’s definitely one of the cutest packaging of a product I’ve ever seen, it’s so adorable. On the outside of the tube there’s a clear cloud shape where you’re able to see the inside product. The product itself is bright pink with glitter through it.

I used the real techniques pointed foundation brush to apply the mask to my face, as I find it easier to use a brush than my fingers. The product was quite thick while applying which meant that it took quite a while to dry. I found it quite difficult to actually peel off so I ended having to just wasn’t it off with warm water. A few hours after taking it off I noticed that my skin had broken out in a few spots & bumps. I’m obviously not sure if it was from this product or not so I may try it again soon to see if this is what caused it.

Overall, I think there is better products out there that would be more beneficial than this one. This retails for £1:99 in b&m stores.

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