Future poet…who? | T-shirt review #gifted

Hello everyone! So, recently I got into contact with a fashion brand called “Future poet”. They are a online brand who sell t-shirts & hoodies for women, men & also have unisex items. I chose to work with future poet on this blog post as I love the concept of promoting positivity through clothing. This is the blurb on their website which better describes it than I can aha! 🙂

{ The product mentioned has been kindly gifted }

“Future Poet brings a positive voice into fashion. Featuring vibrant colours with awesome designs and quotes, it won’t be long before a Future Poet item becomes your favourite!

Positivity may connect us but let’s do more than talk, let’s dress to inspire, empower and uplift!”

On their website there is a variety of t-shirts with a selection of different slogans & quotes. I chose a white T-shirt with “Music balances my soul” imprinted in the middle as this was one of my favourites from the website.

The t-shirts come at £19.99 & delivery takes roughly three to five days for the UK. The customer service team is so lovely & are very helpful.

If you are ordering from future poet I recommend you emailing their team & ask for sizing advice. I ordered the Size which I normally am but it came up small. They are currently in the process of creating a sizing guide but if you want to order & that’s not on the website yet then email them & they will advise you!

Thank you for reading! Blogposts might become a bit less frequent between now & may as I have my last set of exams! I’m trying my best to get as much content up as possible though!! :))

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